2014 Razorback Basketball Schedule

Some equipment emerges as we problem every last element of kiteboarding and debate how to give riders what precisely they want, while other programs are simply just the offspring of what they ride.

Airush have centered on creating a range of kit that appeals in your specific requirements and provides you the tools to just take your kiting to new levels. The Airush method is to try to use assorted configurations that greatest suits the individual rider so steering clear of any single way of thinking that may blind us.

The Lithium is actually a reasonably minimal component a few strut delta hybrid kite which received very favorable testimonials from your testing group. The most evident alteration for 2014 stands out as the Poly Load Frame which provides reinforcement through the entire kite’s canopy, which Airush tells us can make a more dependable connection and stops stretching all over the cover. The overview group found the Lithium being an enjoyable, easy to use freeride kite that does most every little thing well. Supplying medium bar force and immediate steering response, the Lithium boasts a pivot style transform that produced exceptionally predictable electricity, and relaunched nicely from useless downwind. The Lithium does not have the explosive boosting electrical power with the Varial X, but is a wonderful performer with the all around kiter that enjoys freeriding, waves and relaxed freestyle.

The Lithium comes together with the Sensible Bar 5 which characteristics impressive telescoping bar size adjustability, plastic depower/throw line, sliding stopper, above the bar depower strap with extension handles in addition to a cleanse and crisp drive absent effective release. This bar is likely one of the couple that mixes the longevity of the plastic coated depower/throw line having an adjustable stopper. Some reviewers mentioned the world all around the handles seemed a tad fast paced, nevertheless the tuning controls labored highly nicely and permit for any bigger adjustable size throw. The telescoping bar is remarkably very easy to regulate but we highly recommend building modifications when you are on land given that the bar finishes is generally 100 % taken off. Woman testers commented to the bar humps not fitting their lesser palms although the textured EVA had just the ideal density for comfort and management. All round, this bar gained very very high marks for its benefits, purpose and comfort.

airush 12m kite


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